DeltaNet Project

The DeltaNet project is started

The DeltaNet project started in March 2010 and continues until February 2013.

The DeltaNet project was approved in November 2009
The DeltaNet project (application Interreg IVC)
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After a fruitful period of preparatory partner meetings, the DeltaNet project application has been submitted for funding under INTERREG IVC.

The principal objective of DeltaNet is to set up a learning and policy network of European delta regions.

The issue adressed is ‘developping appropriate coordinated spatial planning measures in geographically sensitive areas’. The European delta regions are geographically sensitive areas sharing many similar characteristics, problems and challenges. The delta and estuary regions are faced with a dynamic development and are often characterized by both concentration of population and economic activities, and natural and cultural heritage values. The many spatial and economic demands often threaten a sustainable development. Delta regions are becoming a kind of laboratory where different stakeholders, regions and countries are working together to achieve a sustainable spatial, economic and social development.

The planned exchange of best practices activities are organised around 5 successive sub-themes: Integrated Delta approach (1), Flood & sediment management (2), environmental healthy Deltas (3) and Delta awareness (4), always seen from the view of developping appropriate coordinated spatial plannig measures. The 5th period of activities will gather the results of the sub-themes and integrate them into Sustainable Coordinated Delta Policy (5).

Out of this, common governance methodologies and tools can be developped which should allow different partners to develop appropriate methodologies reflecting the specific circumstances of their deltas. Finally, policy recommendations will be set up for different policy levels.

The DeltaNet project: history of preparatory meetings

In 2004 the Rhine-Scheldt Delta (RSD) was aware of the opportunities of a more extensive learning and policy network of European deltas and developed and started a partner search for a Interreg IIIc project proposal. DeltaNet focused on partners interested in overall sustainable governance issues. This led to a kick-off meeting in Gdansk (PL) in February 2005, hosted by one of the involved partners. All presented partners confirmed their participation and commitment to the partnership and the content of the project. Because of Interreg IIIc Zone West’s decision in 2005 not to launch a last call, the partners redefined the project’s ambition. In the next 2 years, the partnership organised another 3 seminars on specific delta issues.

During this ‘preparation time’ the project’s scope was more precisely defined and the partnership was strengthened, in order to present a consistent project and network to Interreg IV. In this respect a 2nd meeting was organised by the Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP) in London November 2005. Every partner prepared a paper presenting its organisation, main activities, concerns and expectations. The DeltaNet partners exchanged experiences and best practices. The papers and minutes were put on the DeltaNet website. Meanwhile RSD elaborated a new time path and contacted delta regions and organisations which had indicated their interest in the project before. This resulted in an extension of the partnership and the preparation of a new workshop. The 3rd seminar was organised in El Prat de Llobregat (ES) by the municipality. Not less than eight deltas and estuaries were participating: Vistula, Elbe, Rhine-Scheldt, Thames, Minho, Llobregat, Ebre and Danube. The focus of the seminar was the joint preparation of the content of the project proposal. Partners indicated their needs and expectations, their desired benefits of the cooperation, and last but not least the organisation and management were discussed. The minutes of the meetings were used to adapt the concept of the project proposal. This new concept was disseminated again and discussed between the project secretariat and the partners. During the last ‘preparatory’ meeting that was held in December 2006 in Bergen op Zoom (NL), the partners developped a matrix of interest which was used to define the chosen issues, time path and different roles of the partners in this Interreg IVC proposal.

Bergen op Zoom (NL) Dec 2006
El Prat de Llobregat (ES) May 2006
London (UK) Nov 2005
Gdansk (PL) Feb 2005

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