Delta Awareness

 Public participation and awareness on the specific character of Delta regions…

1. Educational paths for young people – We would like to present examples of programs for young people – some of them within the school system, from primary to secondary - dealing with the special character, potentials and challenges of the Delta areas. Programs which create awareness through innovative education and trainings, to enable young people to improve their environment by promoting the management and sustainable use of all resources. Programs to promote environmentally aware tourism and use of water routes that increase young people's knowledge and delta awareness about the environment and associated challenges, develop the necessary skills and expertise to address the challenges, and foster attitudes, motivations, and commitments. Examples of innovative education include various tools to educate the public such as print materials, websites, media campaigns, outdoor education etc.

2. Development of sustainable tourism and public awareness – We would like to focus on and gather the best practices regarding the following issues:
- ways of monitoring influx of tourist and sports vessels (kayaks, canoes, fishing boats, tourist boats, windsurfing boards, etc) in order to avoid intensive density at the expanse of environment of the Delta areas.
- ways to increase public awareness of needed restrictions and conditions which have to be imposed on tourism and economic development in the Delta areas in order to prevent the degradation of the nature.
- ways to increase public participation in the life of the Deltas in order to enhance their knowledge of the specific problems of the Delta areas and to get the public involve in looking for the solutions.

3. Safety of the water routes in the Delta areas - We would like to focus on and exchange experiences regarding the following issues:
- ways to increase public awareness of the safety issues
- complex and coordinated rescue system – cooperation of various services
- systems of navigational marks on the water ways
- access to reliable weather forecast and weather warnings for the tourists, fishermen – examples of various systems (sounds system, information boards, etc. )

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